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Of Syrian descent, given birth to in France and upraised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Roa never felt like she belonged to one place, rather she belonged to the world. Always in wonder of what life is like through others’ eyes, somewhere on the opposite side of the world or even right next door.

As she appreciated self-expression through various forms of art, and with a deep fascination for the details of wondrous architecture and interior spaces, this lady affirmed her passions for design in the first hours of her college years and after receiving her AEC in Interior Design from the renowned Lasalle College of Montreal-Canada, she continued on to pursue self-growth and ameliorating her skills; and since grown even more fond of creating beautiful spaces with different styles and overcoming obstacles in order to reach the best flow in the space as well as landing the clients’ desires.
Her detail orientation and critical thinking were honed by working alongside designers with excellent skills and experience in the industry, teaching her a great deal about the ways and methods of her field.

With the days’ passing, the core of her journey remains about experiencing life in its full depths, opening her eyes and imagination to the beauty lying in the heart of small things.

Careful thinking and hard work will solve nearly all your problems. Try and see for yourself.

- Ullery



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